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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!

Introducing the Gallatio – the first product specifically designed for oral pleasure!

Now you and your lover can enjoy each other in every intimate act. The Gallatio is a revolutionary designed product that allows all the sensation without the mess. The Gallatio secures to the head of the penis and traps the ejaculate in a leak proof reservoir. Both partners can now experience full satisfaction and not worry about fluid exchange. If you desire uninhibited, pleasurable oral sex, click here to get a special introductory offer on the sensational new Gallatio product and give it a try!


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How did we turn an act that some still find “off-putting” into something that both partners can thoroughly enjoy? The revolutionary Gallatio takes away the one element of oral sex that ranks the “Least favorite” part of what should be a pleasurable act for both lovers. The Gallatio attaches firmly to the head of the penis and securely traps semen ending the “taste factor” that many find unpleasant. The unique design allows the sensitive coronal ridge to remain uncovered for maximum skin to mouth contact. Now you can experience exciting stimulation where you like it most.


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I agree and accept the following: This product is an experimental prototype and has not yet been tested by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Use at your own risk. It may not reduce the risk of transmitting STIs such as HIV infection (AIDS), Gonorrhea, Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and/or Herpes. Pregnancy prevention effectiveness has not been satisfactorily tested either. The medical grade adhesive of this condom has been cleared for use on skin. But different men have different skin sensitivities, so you should experiment with a small area first. If you find that the Gallatio is too painful or that your skin is becoming abraided, discontinue use and use a regular condom. By electing to use the prototype, you assume full responsibility for its use and understand that Powell Development Group, Inc., the manufacturer and any third parties (collectively “we”) cannot be responsible for any damage or injury to you or your partner during use. Accordingly, you hereby release and agree to defend, indemnify and hold us harmless from any and all cost or damage arising out of or relating to the use of the Gallatio prototype.

I agree and accept the following: The latest adhesive for the Gallatio is aggressive so that it stays in place during vigorous sex. It is, however, approved by the FDA for use on skin. But, it is very important to follow directions during the removal after sex so that the process is easy and free of any discomfort. Best Method: Wait until you need to urinate. Go to the shower (or toilet). Apply baby oil to the head of the penis and the Gallatio. Urinate slightly into the product so that it blows up. Use the pressure of the urine to loosen the edges. Work the baby oil into the edges. Slowly peel off the product and dispose of it in the trash. Once complete, wash the penis with soap and water. Please Note: Any oil can be used in place of baby oil, such as olive oil or coconut oil so long as it is safe for use on skin. Remember to go slow, much like peeling off a band-aid or bandage. Hold the edge of the product with one hand while you hold the skin down near the separation point with your free hand. This avoids unnecessary pulling of the skin. Remember too, there is no hurry to remove the Gallatio after sex. It will stay in place and feel like your second skin. When you feel the need to urinate that is the perfect time to remove it. Any questions or concerns, please contact us immediately.